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Akumi streamlines the commerce process between distributors, their manufacturers/suppliers, and end-users, providing increased sales and reduced inventories while reducing operating costs.  This allows distributors to compete on a larger scale, improve customer service, and deliver a quality product. Akumi’s software solutions integrate the Customer Order Management, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger components.

Financial Services:

This sector includes insurance, mortgage, real estate, trading and banking. All aspects of financial services require expert security measures to safely protect sensitive data. Akumi has vast experience in this industry including creating an automated trading strategy, which resulted in phenomenal returns compared to manual trading.


The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation focusing on improving business processes through effective deployment and use of information technology. Hospital services, pharmaceutical companies and insurance agencies all make up the healthcare sector, which also requires proficient security technologies. Akumi has created software for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.


By adopting efficient production methods, manufacturers can meet the demand for products faster and more cost effectively than the competition.  The Akumi team creates software based solutions to increase plant efficiency, reduce cycle times, lower costs, optimize resources, control product cost and quality, simplify production, and manage their shop floor. Akumi has experience with Six Sigma standards and philosophies as well as total quality management.

Public Sector:

Akumi provides public sector software solutions to havehigh impact when managing government resources and servicing their constituency. Akumi’s clients enjoy peace-of-mind that the information they rely on is accurate and secure, but moreover provides them insights that can assist them to be more effective and efficient as government administrators. Ultimately, Akumi serves humanity by providing the most efficient use of the tax-payers’ dollar.

Retail & E-commerce:

Akumi helps businesses operate more productively and profitably through a full spectrum of specialized software solutions including customer relationship management, supply chain management, Custom Application Development, Systems Integration/EAI, ERP Functionality Extension, Business/Data Warehousing, software modernization, and e-commerce. Akumi has successfully launched e-commerce solutions integrated with ERP.


Akumi’s rich experience in this industry includes providing expertise to start-up and established companies in the wireless, IP and fixed line telecommunications industry. Akumi has provided critical resources to major corporations by evaluating current telecom business processes and systems, producing a complete detailed report outlining our findings, and making recommendations for processing improvements to match the company goals. Akumi has created software solutions that achieved multi-million dollar cost savings.


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